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At the Emerson, we are grateful for the generous community support that allows us to serve as a vital arts hub in Bozeman. Over 250,000 people have come to the Emerson each year to attend performances, take classes, and participate in community events.

The Crawford Theater, Weaver Room, and Ballroom spaces are in high demand, our Schools in the Gallery outreach program supports art education for over 1,200 public school students each year, and Open Studio art classes workshops in the Frances Senska Pottery Studio and the Emerson’s classroom are popular for students of all ages and abilities. We listen to the many ways our community tells us that art is an essential component of lifelong education, and a measure of the vitality of our civic life.

If you want to contribute in other ways, the Emerson is often in need of various office supplies, art supplies, building services and much more. Call the office for details. We appreciate your support!
Please consider supporting the Emerson Center.

Mail Donations to:
Emerson Center for the Arts and Culture
111 S. Grand Ave.
Bozeman, MT 59715


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