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The mission of the Emerson Center for the Arts & Culture is to serve as a primary resource for the arts, arts education and cultural activities in southwest Montana by:

  • Stimulating and celebrating the arts in all its forms
  • Fostering lifelong appreciation and understanding of arts and culture
  • Building community and economic development among creative enterprises, businesses and civic organizations.

To achieve this, the Emerson Center:

  • Engages the public by hosting and curating exhibitions and programs of regional and national recognition.
  • Promotes arts education through its ongoing classes and outreach to public schools and the community.
  • Celebrates Bozeman's history through effective stewardship of its historic facility
  • Offers the community a variety of spaces for studios, meetings, performances, receptions, classes and other activities.
  • Leads the way in regional public art via city-wide projects with lasting impact.
  • Works in collaboration with its tenants and other arts, cultural and civic organizations to stimulate economic activity in Bozeman and to further its reputation as a regional destination.

The Emerson Center values:

  • Furthering art appreciation, expression and participation for all ages
  • Artistic and cultural vitality as the heartbeat of community
  • Excellence and professionalism in all exhibition, educational and presenting practices.

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