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The Emerson curates and hosts art exhibitions of significant community value. Emerging and established contemporary artists of regional and national recognition exhibit their work in the Emerson's three gallery venues: the Jessie Wilber Gallery, the Weaver Room and the Emerson Lobby.

The Emerson displays a variety of exhibitions representing both traditional and innovative techniques, media, and content, with the intent of appealing to diverse audiences. As a non-profit art center, our galleries are educational in focus. Each exhibit is tailored to a specific target audience as well as being of general public interest. Our exhibitions program as a whole is meaningful to viewers of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. The Emerson is also committed to deepening the understanding of the visual arts through educational outreach associated with our exhibits, such as gallery tours, artist presentations, workshops, classes, gallery text and exhibit brochures.

Sculpture on left by Keith Goodhart

Print above by Julia Becker

Snowboard on right by Harold Schlotzhauer


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